ArmorShield USA, LLC was formed in October 2001 by ArmourShield Ltd., a UK based company with over 35 years of experience in ballistic armor manufacturing. ArmourShield Ltd develops, designs and manufactures armor systems for security, law enforcement and military worldwide.

By opening a subsidiary in the US and drawing from the knowledge and experience of the UK parent company, ASUSA makes the commitment to produce armor to the highest quality standards. ASUSA is ISO 9001-2008 certified, one of the few body armor manufacturers with this accomplishment.

In July 2005 ArmorShield USA joined forces with Cavalry Security Group, bringing even more ballistic knowledge and years of industry experience to the organization. ArmorShield USA prides itself on its ability to design and manufacture soft and hard armor products. By incorporating end user feedback, technical expertise and proven techniques, ASUSA offers simple, well-thought out and tested solutions for problem areas that have plagued end users for years. ASUSA makes the wearing of armor more acceptable and comfortable than ever before.

Providing Best-Value Ballistics

ASUSA offers best value by providing the following


ASUSA Management brings over 35 years of design andmanufacturing experience in ballistic armor.

Meeting Ballistic Protection Level

ASUSA offers our patented Blunt Trauma System (BTS) in a variety of our ballistic packages. In certain models, the BTS is built into the ballistic panels and gives the wearer additional trauma protection that covers the entire ballistic panel 360°. For those models that are not equipped with the BTS as an integral part of the ballistic package, we offer a 5×8 or 8×10 trauma shield to protect the vital organs. The BTS offers up to 35% less blunt trauma and is sold exclusively by ASUSA.

Weight/Flexibility/Comfort of ballistic package – vests

ASUSA offers ballistic vests to fit your needs; we offer armor in a variety of weights and thicknesses with outstanding V-50 performance and our patented Blunt Trauma System. All of our Carriers are designed to distribute and support the weight to make the vest more comfortable and user friendly.

Sizing and Measurements

ASUSA does not cut corners; we provide coverage to protect the vital areas. ASUSA is an industry leader in providing more square inch of coverage area to protect vital organs and to keep you safe. We will take your measurements and fit a vest to your individual nee

Delivery Track Record

We deliver on-time. ASUSA commitment is simple at time of ordering, we will give you a delivery date and will honor our commitment. We can provide you an outstanding Past Performance Evaluation by the US Military which attests to our exceptional performance both for quality and delivery. Our delivery time for standard size orders is less than 30 days after receipt of order.


ASUSA ballistic packages offer great value in terms of state-of-the-art materials, quality workmanship and prompt delivery. We work with our customers to find a solution to their personal armor needs that is affordable and fits their budget.

Other offered advantages

Water resistant Sona-Bond ballistic covering is best in industry Quality of materials and workmanship is second to none Large, modern ISO-certified manufacturing facility Unsurpassed Quality Control Standard orders delivered within 30 days or less Excellent customer service.